Hansa Brush Chipper Industrial Limited Warranty

Warranty Period

  • 12 months for owner operator machines (24 months after product registration)
  • 3 months for machines used in the hire industry

Hansa Products Ltd (hereinafter “Hansa”) warrants each new Industrial product of Hansa’s manufacture to be free from any defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service for one (1) full year after initial purchase/retail sale and three (3) months for machines used in the hire industry.  This limited warranty shall apply only to complete machines of Hansa’s manufacture, parts are covered by a separate Limited Warranty.

Equipment and accessories not of Hansa’s manufacture are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty and subject to their allowance to Hansa only if found to be defective by such manufacturer.

Warranty Terms

During the limited warranty period specified above, any defect in material or workmanship in any warranted item of Hansa Brush Chipper not excluded below shall be repaired or replaced at Hansa’s option without any charge by any authorised independent Hansa dealer.  The warranty repair or replacement must be made by a Hansa independent authorised dealer at the dealer’s location.  Hansa will pay for replacement parts and such authorised dealer’s labour.  Hansa reserves the right to supply remanufactured parts as it deems appropriate.

This limited warranty requires proper maintenance and periodic inspections of the Brush Chipper as indicated in the Operator’s manual. The cost of routine or required maintenance and services is the responsibility of the purchaser.

This Hansa Brush Chipper Industrial Limited Warranty may be subject to cancellation if the above requirements are not performed.

Exclusions and Limitations

The warranties contained herein shall NOT APPLY TO:

  1. Any defect which was caused (in Hansa’s sole judgement) by other than normal use and service of the Brush Chipper or by any of the following; (i) accident (ii) misuse or negligence, including foreign objects such as stones, pieces of metal, glass, etc. being dropped into the running machine (iii) overloading (iv) lack of reasonable and proper maintenance (v) improper repair or installation (vi) non-Hansa approved alteration or modification (vii) natural calamities (viii) vandalism (ix) the elements.
  2. Engine, battery and tire limited warranties and support are the responsibility if the respective product’s manufacturer.
  3. Transportation costs, if any, of transporting to the customer.
  4. In no event shall Hansa’s liability exceed the purchase price of the Brush Chipper.
  5. Hansa shall not be liable to any person under any circumstances for any incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to, loss of profits, out of service time) occurring for any reason at any time.
  6. Wear items listed below: Belts, Blades, Anvil, Bearings, Oil filter, Air filter.
  7. Hansa reserves the right to modify, alter and improve any product without incurring any obligation to replace any product previously sold with such modification.